Envoy FAQ

Some questions, some answers and some of our rationale. Did we miss something? Get in touch!

Can I add preview images to my models?

Yes from 0.8.4!

Use the model inspector to grab a picture of the render, it will add it directly into your library and shown when the library is rescanned.

Can I have custom tags?


From 0.9.1 use the tag manager to include and exclude tags. The instructions are baked right into the page!

Will it change my folder structure?

Not automatically.

Envoy is built around a folder and file scanner that creates tags for search and exploration of your library. If you change the way you organise your folders, just rescan and Envoy will regenerate those tags.

From 0.9.2 you can rename and move files, as well as rename, move and create folders. To explore your library properly we recommend scanning and using the Models view!

Can you make it automatically change my folder structure?

We would rather not.

Your library is valuable, and only you know how you want it organised on your disk.

We have added some convenience functions to the interface to help you manually rename and create folders, and managing tags and creating images of your models does add files into the filesystem.

We currently have no plans to create any automagical sorting tools that perform those actions.

How should I best organise my files?

Short answer: all the files relating to a single model should be in the same folder (STL, OBJ, Lys, Chitu, jpg, gif, etc).

Beyond that, since the default tagging draws information from the folder hierarchy, you can segment your folders pretty much however you like. Those folder names will just become tags.

For a deeper dive into the scanner behaviour, the definition of “a model” and how to make tagging work, check the the manual.

Will you be charging for Envoy?

The model viewer aspect of Envoy will always be free.

Unused software has no value, and we want to make sure people are getting something they care about. The platform is built to enable us to put new functionality behind a paywall of some sort (because to keep doing this, we need to eat …), but we want to ensure that it will always be useful, even if you don’t pay for any of the value added features.