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As we talked about in early January 2022, we want to increase the visibility of the work we’re doing on Envoy, so you can be confident the project is still very much alive.

You can see what we’re working on, on our public Trello todo. The board includes the specific things we’re doing, as well a roadmap overview and links to any prerelease available. Prereleases can sometimes have issues, so treat with appropriate levels of caution, but they also have all the fancy new features, so may be worth your time!

Release history


August 24, 2021

Fixed a bug and added some extra details into the manual and referenced this in the FAQ - again thanks to everyone sharing their experiences! If you’re new here, we’d love to hear if the documentation is working for you. You can email us on [email protected] or join us on Discord.

Regardless if you’re new here, or if you’ve been with us from the start, as we go through planning the next phase we want to hear from you about what you care about most.

Fill out the survey to influence our roadmap!


  • Fixes an issue where the secret level appeared if your library directory path was no longer valid.


August 5, 2021

A big hello to everyone joining us in Discord during June and July! Thanks to your feedback, the main improvement this release is the upgraded STL viewer with the much requested “pause rotation on opening an STL file” feature now available. We also added the ability to rotate the model itself (rather than just the scene), so you can line up that perfect glamour shot.

Thanks so much to our intrepid Linux and Mac M1 users who were kind enough to help test the Linux AppImage and Apple Silicon releases.

To address some of the stumbles we had pre-0.10.5 we took a little longer to go through testing and have added much more robust error handling to provide better diagnostics. We also attached this to telemetry, so if you’ve ticked the box to send us usage data, we’re able to see any errors that show up in our logs, too.

Finally, we’re nearing the end of the 0.10.x version. 0.11.x will be a big overhaul to the library scanner (no more rescanning on changes!), and then we’re looking to support other file formats beyond just STL. Right now we’ve got OBJ and 3MF in our sights, but as always, feedback welcome!


  • STL viewer improvements - play/pause rotation, rotate/orbit model, enable/disable scene floor grid
  • Vastly improved error handling (no more white screens!), and error capture via telemetry if enabled
  • Bump Electron to 12.0.15
  • MacOS Apple Silicon (M1/arm64) release
  • Linux release


May 26, 2021

We’re sorry to everyone who didn’t get the chance to play with the colour picker a couple of days ago, turns out there was a little issue on startup.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen issues with the startup code (as you’ll see from the release log), but we’re doing two things to avoid this happening again.

  1. Changing our internal test processes to cover these conditions more rigourously
  2. Adding startup code refactoring to the backlog


  • Colour picker startup bug fixed


May 24, 2021

One of our other new friends suggested it would be great to have more choice over the model preview colour. They were 100% correct, so we added a colour picker!

Additionally, this Windows release is also signed! Windows SmartScreen will still ask you to confirmation installation, but clicking “more info” and you will see our formal business name (Hyperrational Limited) right there next to the download.

This should go away eventually, and you can read more about SmartScreen and how it builds “reputation” based on certificates on Wikipedia.


  • Added a colour picker to the settings page! That should make it easier to get just the right glamour shot!
  • Windows binaries are now signed.
  • Bumped to Electron 12.09.


May 11, 2021

Thank you to one of our new friends for reporting an error on startup! We found a little startup code that got moved in our excitement of 0.10.2, and have relocated it back to it’s proper location.


  • Fixes a race-condition on very-first-ever-startup that sometimes made a wafty database, but always made for a bad first impression.


May 5, 2021

A lot has changed under the hood, but mostly the effect is just quality of life improvements for all you lovely people.

This release introduces the collection of data usage stats. You can find out more about what stats and why we collect things on our data usage stats page, or if you’d rather not send these stats to us, go to Settings, and uncheck “Send usage stats”.

This is also the first proper MacOS release, so we’re happy to have everyone on board! It’s currently built for Intel64 Macs, but we are aware those need to be Universal binaries. Those are on our radar.


  • MacOS (Intel64) release! (signed & notarized)
  • Telemetry
  • Improved first experience with the releases notes on update
  • Models and Files screens retain state when navigating away from them
  • Upgraded carousel
  • Replaced the infinite scroller on the models page with a page selector (top right)
  • Loads of performance upgrades
  • Lots of smoothed out transitions
  • Improved robustness of auto update functionality


March 31, 2021

The Files and Models tabs are now functionally complete! While we’re still eager for feedback, from April 2021 product focus will be moving to the model sync service.

There will still be updates for the organisation part of Envoy. The UI refresh will bring with it some tighter integration between the Models and Files tab, while the sync service should start to introduce the idea of a delta scanner: no more needing to rescan the library when making changes through Envoy!


  • In-app file manager convenience functions
    • Create/move/rename/refresh folders
    • Move/rename files
  • Fixed a bug where manually changing to an invalid library path would break Envoy. This is now a read-only field.
  • Increased the starting window size from 900x600 to 1200x780


March 25, 2021


  • Simplified the file browser interface:
    • Directories & files are clickable, and show either the tag manager or a preview window (as well as the tags applied)
    • Added the manual pages directly into the interface
    • Opening a file in the interface (from the pop-out button to the left of the name) will now open that file in the default application
  • Improved the feel of navigating around the interface
    • The file browser window remembers your previous state until you close the app
    • Tag suggestions are drawn from any tags from a scan, plus any tags added or seen when using the file browser.
    • Tag suggestions persist through page changes
  • Simplified the autotagging functionality:
    • Removed the has:<feature> autotags
    • Removed the folder: and model: prefixes on the autotags


March 17, 2021

New feature: File browser and tag manager!

While the Models page is all about library exploration with tags and visuals, the Files page now gives you a live view into your configured library path. This is where you can configure your tags, browse your files, and even grab screenshots of your models ready for when you scan your library!

A huge thank you to our feedback crew on Discord. This feature is for you :)


  • Renamed “Library” to “Models”
  • Some UI polish on the model info page (tooltips, close window button)
  • Can now open the model info page fom Models by clicking on the image


March 4, 2021


  • Tidied up the tooltips to avoid them leaking outside the screen.
  • Corrected an issues where the infinite scroll would get confused and invite you rescan your library.


March 1, 2021


  • Bugfix to reduce the chance of an exception being thrown when viewing the library with large numbers of tags (eg a deeply nested folder structure).


February 25, 2021

Note: the MacOS package is signed but not notarized, so Gatekeeper will flag this as “unverified by Apple”.


  • Now with automatic update functionality for Windows! Envoy will start downloading a new version when first started and will install when you restart the app. Go to settings to see the current state or check for new updates manually.
  • Fixed an issue where the modelname would be empty if STLs were located at the top level of the library tree.
  • Added contact details and much broader error handling (better to be prepared!).


February 22, 2021

Note: due to the format change from toml to json, any existing user.toml files will need to be manually ported to the new format.


  • Added render capture feature
  • Added ability to write notes inline in the model viewer
  • Added versioning in settings
  • Changed tag and notes format from toml to json
  • Increased robustness of the library scanner


February 16, 2021


  • Custom tags and notes with user.toml
  • Removed the showing/hiding of tags on click, leaving them open permanently


February 12, 2021


  • Moved library.db to UserConfig directory (~/Library/Application Support/hyperrational/envoy and AppData/hyperrational/envoy)


February 10, 2021


  • Initial release!
  • Library scanner, autogenerated tags, model viewer.