Beautify Your STL Collection

Let Envoy scan your STL library and show you the models you already have in a new light.

Search and Filter

Use Envoy’s automatic tagging and our extensive tag manager to manage and search your collection.

Organise Your Models

Envoy automatically tags by folder and provides a file browser view to help tweak your folders.

Explore your models

Want to browse all your terrain bits? How about all your “Elves”? What about elvish terrain bits? Filters are additive, and you can use both the automatically generated tags and your own custom tags to arrange things to your taste.

Once you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your print project, you can bounce straight into your local file browser from most places you can access models from.

Augment your experience

Need preview images? No problem, just reposition your model in any of the live preview windows (we put one in Models and one in Files!) and click the camera icon.

We know that some models need special care to print. Envoy provides a way of recording notes against each model, so you don’t have to remember that your favourite samurai warriors need to be printed at 112% to fit the 32mm wargaming scale.

Organise your library

If you’re not yet ready to leave your file browser, we’ve got you covered. The files view provides tools to create, rename and move files and folders around. As well as offering a preview window, it also doubles as an extremely powerful tag manager.

Check the user manual for more details.

Try it yourself!

Envoy is undergoing active development, so join us in Discord or email us directly with your thoughts and ideas!


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