Envoy is now Orynt3D!

TL;DR: Envoy is deprecated and has been replaced by Orynt3D. Same team, same focus, different name and much, much faster!

We know that changing software can be a hassle (we changed Orynt3D's update system for this very reason!), so we've decided not to perform an automatic upgrade from Envoy to Orynt3D.

Orynt3D is fully compatible with Envoy's user.json files, so if you started configuring things with Envoy, you won't lose any work.

We took the results of the survey we released in 2021 and worked hard through 2022, evolving the ideas that Envoy started. Part of this evolution was creating a new name to make it a bit easier to talk about: Orynt3D (pronounced: orient three dee).

Thank you to everyone who's been on this journey with us over the past 2 years and downloaded Envoy to help tame their 3D model collection.

We look forward to seeing you on Orynt3D soon!

- Piete, Steve & Rob.


What was Envoy?

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